Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Halloween Character Designs

The Undertaker

Chainsaw of Massacre

Lil' Witch

The Scarecrow

Scully - The Skeleton Boy


The Cheerleader

The Clown


Little Satan

The Butcher 


kavya said...

peter this is fatastic :D

Peter Jude Rocque said...

Thanks you ...

Anonymous said...

you can easily make out that there is a certain level of art you wana acheive that millions have acheived before you....not unique not perfect but you will be one in thousands some day :)

Peter Jude Rocque said...

True!!True!!...i know that to attain professional quality i have a "LONG" way to go, but i have to start somewhere... uniqueness only gets developed over time...:)
Thank you and i appreciate the comment...:)

Anonymous said...

u got talent in abundance...keep it up!!