Saturday, December 18, 2010


Ratz!!! A concept design on RATS that i had been working on.
Inspired by a technique suggested by Nate Wragg.

This painting is of a rat family ( a typical family). There's the optimistic and always joyful and crazy DAD, the housewife mom who ends up doing all the work, a daddy's girl, a very energetic and all over the place boy, a very shy one, a neglected, lonely and doesn't care kinda young boy, and a cranky baby.
The last one is just a typical rat.


Pooja said...

hey peter..nice one..the cheese looks good...the only thing that u should have kept in mind are the Silhouettes...the rat dad's nose is getting blocked by the mom...and also..dont depend too much on the pen tool to has an artificial feel to that u have a tablet, make the outlines yourself...other than that,looks good :)

Peter J. Rocque said...

thanks for your opinion... and actually i too was thinking the same about the pen tool... :)